February 26, 2019

(Honolulu, Hawaii, February 26. 2019) – Ko’olau Distillery today launched its much-anticipated Old Pali Road Whiskey, available in selected bars and retail outlets throughout Hawai’i. The longtime dream and vision of close friends and U.S. Marine Corps veterans, LtCol Ian Brooks and LtCol Eric Dill, who teamed up with 15 year beverage professional Heather Pence, The Ko’olau Distillery’s Old Pali Road Whiskey is a smooth, hand-blended, oak-barrel-matured craft whiskey.Commenting on today’s milestone, Ian said, “ It has always been a lifelong goal to own and run a business. For that business to be a distillery in Hawai’i, and with your best friend, is a dream come true.”

“The idea for the business started three years ago” said Eric. “ But the infatuation with distilling started in 2008 when I was deployed to Iraq and there was a news release about some service members who were caught making moonshine.  I was completely intrigued by the concept that someone knew how to take raw materials and turn them into whiskey.  I wondered how anyone develops the knowledge to do something like that.” Adding, “ The DIY phenomenon which is bolstered by YouTube and the internet in general, was just beginning and that type of knowledge wasn’t just a click away back then. Curiosity led the research and discovery and when a close friend launched a highly successful distillery, it was an incredible source of encouragement and motivation to have the confidence we could achieve the same success.”

“Making Whiskey, and more specifically good whiskey, is a challenge. Ian and I are both goal-oriented people but to describe us as challenge-oriented may be a more precise description.  So this enterprise is right in line with our personalities,” Eric concluded.
The Ko’olau Distillery sources locally-grown corn to deliver a bourbon-style base for the mash which is then blended with four-year-old American whiskey and pure Ko’olau water at its Windward O’ahu facility. This produces a strong straight-up flavor, characteristic of good whiskies, and the use of second-fill oak barrels softens the wood flavor while the local sweet corn lends a smooth caramel note.
According to Hawaiian legend, the gods reside in the ever-present mist where the Ko’olau Mountains meet the heavens. Tropical rainfall from that mist falls and is filtered for generations through volcanic rock to become pure artesian water which is the source used to create this unique whiskey.
Hand bottled at the distillery on Windward O’ahu,  the very first batch, numbered 001, received a traditional Hawai’i blessing before being released to market today.
With each batch limited to 1,800 bottles, Old Pali Road Whiskey is sure to be a sought-after spirit for fine-spirits connoisseurs.
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