Honolulu, Hawaii: Harris Agency, Hawaii’s only full-service marketing agency that offers complete creative, digital, production, and public relations services in-house, was created in the summer of 2004 after founder and CEO Doug Harris decided it was time to get back to his passion of working intimately with businesses to meet their brand and revenue goals. Leading up to that point, Harris had spent five years as a partner at Hawaii’s largest ad agency and PR firm that boasted over 2050 employees and a continual need for landing new business. That five-year mark was when he realized that being as hands-on with clients as he liked wasn’t feasible in his current position, and that it was time to launch a new type of marketing consultancy for Hawaii brands.

Harris’ vision was to create an intimate experience for clients where a small team of talented professionals would work closely together with their executive team to help brands realize their full potential. Harris has been able to do so for the entire 16 years that Harris Agency has operated. 

During that time, he has also added agency brands to their corporate portfolio with Food Gurus Hawaii for food and beverage brands and Digi-Vortex, which specializes in digital optimization services for e-commerce, traffic, and lead generation.

Harris forms TMinus321 Marketing Group Umbrella for Its 3 Agency Brand Portfolio

TMinus321 Marketing Group, much like Google’s Alphabet umbrella company, serves as a central infrastructure hub for their 3-brand portfolio, providing administrative, financial, and human resources services.

Harris Agency is a branding, creative production, marketing, and public relations services agency with in-house resources.

Food Gurus Hawaii provides complete marketing solutions for all food and beverage industries including restaurants, grocery chains, packaged goods, food retailers, and Co-ops.

Digi-Vortex is a certified digital solutions agency that optimizes a brand’s online footprint and business opportunities.

TMinus321’s business model is based upon a fee-based monthly subscription which gives clients access to a complete array of marketing tools determined by their customized marketing plans, providing more holistic campaigns and better bang for their buck. Decisions and recommendations are driven by data and performance, rather than a production or media commission bias.

Harris Agency and Food Gurus offer a complimentary initial consultation. Digi-Vortex offers a complimentary digital optimization evaluation identifying performance gaps and remedies. 

Schedule your complimentary consultation with Jana Soli at janas@harris-agency.com or call (808) 946-4525.  To learn more visit our websites:   harris-agency.com     foodgurushawaii.com   digi-vortex.com