Arturo's Taro Tortillas

Photo courtesy Tiki’s Grill & Bar.

(HONOLULU, HAWAI‘I) — Purple and soft, filled with a grilled protein and pickled daikon and carrots for a rolled banh mi, or heated on the flat top until Instagram-cheese-pull-worthy, Arturo’s Tortillas’ exclusive Hawaiian taro tortilla is the only one of its kind.

“We have used Arturo’s exclusive taro tortilla since we opened in 2002 and it is a colorful customer favorite, stuffed with kalua pork, pepper jack cheese and fresh Kahuku corn relish,” said Ronnie Nasuti, executive chef at Tiki’s Grill & Bar in Waikiki. “We also use Arturo’s bright red tomato tortillas for one of our vegetarian options; the Portobello Caprese Wrap loaded with fresh local vegetables, fresh mozzarella and grilled portobellos. Even omnivores gobble it up. The tortillas are fresh and their uses are limited only by the imagination.”

The Hawaiian taro tortilla is a solid part of the lineup of more traditional and contemporary tortillas offered by Arturo’s, in sizes to suit a wide range of foodservice needs. Arturo’s is the Tortilla For All World Foods.

Arturo’s Tortillas are also very popular at Mexican restaurants around Hawai‘i.

Arturo’s Tortillas are made with better ingredients, less processing and fewer additives and are refrigerated from the moment they are cooled to the moment of pick-up or delivery, to ensure freshness. “Our tortillas receive TLC (tender loving care) from production through to the customer,” said Steve Geimer, owner and president since 2011 following the founder’s retirement.

“Our tortillas have more natural flavor because you get the taste of the tortilla without any bitterness or acidity from preservatives,” he said. “When you start out with our tortillas you start out with a very fresh flavor that is a complement to your ingredients.”

Since its inception in Hawai‘i in 1981, Carole Richelieu has been and still is the face of and palate behind Arturo’s Tortillas, shepherding recipe creation, testing and R&D. She developed the hot sauces for which the company also was famous for many years until production ceased. Years ago as part of a larger-than-life event, Carole created a tortilla needed for a monstrous burrito that was to be constructed by another company. The tortilla was so big it had to be finished in an automotive bake oven!

For regular home and restaurant use, Arturo’s offers 20 options in corn, flour and whole wheat tortillas as well as specialty taro (6” or 8”), tomato and spinach tortillas (12” in diameter). Among the options, white or yellow corn tortillas intended for the table or the deep fryer with the convenience of a pre-cut option for operators who offer customers freshly fried tortilla chips.

White flour tortillas are available in sizes from six inches in diameter to 14 inches for larger portions or presentations. Whole wheat flour options are 10- or 12-inches, with the additional option of a preservative-free 12-inch choice.

Arturo’s Tortillas can be purchased by the pack or case from the ChillZone at ChefZone at 2888 Ualena Street and can be ordered by the case from Y. Hata & Co. Ltd. Delivery minimums may apply.

About Arturo’s Tortillas

Established in Hawai‘i in 1981 by the now-retired Arturo Montoya, the company has been owned and operated by Steve Geimer since 2011. Geimer makes himself available to customers to consult on his products’ flavor profile to assist in menu development and new uses for Arturo’s Tortillas. Find them online at

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