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We now carry Natural Food Powders that pair perfectly with all our mochi premixes!

Mochi Foods Brown Sugar Jelly Boba is a chewy sweet treat that is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Also available in Original Jelly Boba.

Gluten-free Mochi Donut Mix is our Monde Select Gold Award 2019 winner! Available in 4.5lb and 22lb premix bags. 
Mochi Donuts offer the springy, yeasty goodness of a regular donut with extra chew and none of the rise time of a regular yeast donut.

Popping Boba brings an extra burst of flavor wherever it’s added. Plus, the sensation of different tropical and traditional flavors bursting in your mouth can’t be beat!
When you use Mochi Foods Cake premix, you’ll never have to worry about making a cake that isn’t perfectly moist, thanks to our special rice flour.

Mochi Bread premix offers the elevated textures and chewiness of mochi to create a starch you’ll want at every meal.
Our Mochi Malasada premix offers a fun twist on the classic favorite of Hawaii residents and island visitors.

Mochi Pancake premix is a fluffy and chewy delight! Breakfast and brunch will never be the same with Mochi Foods Pancakes as part of your spread.
Mochi Bubble Waffle premix offers a little bit of vanilla, and a whole lot of fun. The deep pockets of crispy texture are as unique as the meals you can create with them!

Original Maffles with a hint of vanilla are anything but ordinary.
Banana and Coconut flavored Moffles make your creations taste like vacation!

Instant Mochi premix allows you to create all of your favorite mochi flavors in a fraction of the time. Pro tip – pair with our Natural Foods Powders!

Chinese Pudding (Gau) doesn’t have to be bound to just New Years celebrations! With our pudding mix, it’s simple and fun to make year round.

Mochi Foods Pearl Sugar adds a crunch, sweetness, and a beautiful look to your creations. 
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