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Mainland Bakers Can Taste Mochi Foods Hawaii Treats
During Virtual Sampling Event

As Mochi Foods launches their unique mochi premixes globally, requests have poured in for an opportunity to find out just what Mochi Foods Hawaii products actually taste like. Food industry professionals can certainly read about how crispy, chewy, and tropically tantalizing Mochi Foods Hawaii’s products are, but tasting is the only real way to discover the kind of joy that can come from biting into one of these treats. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a taste of Mochi Foods Hawaii has got to be at least twice that! To ensure that everyone who is interested in offering Mochi Foods products, including Mochi Donuts, Mochi Waffles, Mochi Malasadas [a Hawaiian type of donut without the hole], Mochi Bread, and more, Mochi Foods Hawaii will be distributing free samples.Mochi Foods free samples initiative offers a tasting opportunity that food industry professionals might normally find at trade shows and other industry events that have been cancelled due to the current pandemic. Reaching out to potential partners via these remote tastings and virtual consultations is one of many ways that Mochi Foods Hawaii has pivoted to continue moving business forward through the pandemic.Another way that Mochi Foods Hawaii is moving forward is through their recently launched, upgraded website at The website is a portal for bakers, manufacturers, and restaurant and foodservice professionals, as well as home cooks, to learn more about the unique, delicious pastries and treats that can be made with Mochi Foods Hawaii premixes. At industry professionals can:Learn about the variety of products that Mochi Foods offers, including Mochi Waffle, Mochi Donut, Mochi Pancake, and Mochi Bread premixesFind inspiration from recipes that show off the variety of ways that Mochi Foods premixes can be utilized, from traditional to innovativeInquire about becoming a Mochi Foods distributorFind “ready to eat” locations in six states to give Mochi Foods products a tryShop for retail and wholesale mixes and add-ons like pearl sugar, popping boba, and moreReach out to Mochi Foods to learn more about becoming a part of the Mochi Foods ‘ohanaFill out the request form to receive free samples of Mochi Foods premixesWhen restaurants and bakeries become part of the Mochi Foods ‘ohana (family), they don’t just receive a bag of premix; they receive support, ideas, and collaboration — a true partnership, with Mochi Foods owner Pei Wu. In addition to quality products, she provides product knowledge and consulting services to help create the perfect products for a business’ customers, as well as assistance with selecting and ordering any necessary equipment. “I really like to work with chefs to create different ideas. The most fun part of this whole business is supporting chefs as they get the spark to create their own treats; the sky’s the limit with our premixes,” Wu said. But what, exactly, is a Mochi Foods premix? Mochi Foods Hawaii mochi treats are made with a glutinous rice flour that gives an extra chewiness to each bite. These premixed powders were created through tireless efforts to find the perfect rice flour. The flour was chosen based on taste and that wonderful chewy texture on the inside and crispy exterior that produces a truly toothsome treat. All of the Mochi Foods Hawaii products have a unique mochi taste and Q texture that were developed by an acclaimed Taiwanese food scientist team. The “Q” factor is Taiwan’s version of the Italian “al dente,” representing the perfectly calibrated “mouth feel,” sought after and craved by savvy chefs and diners alike. The flavor? Well, that’s where creative food professionals come in; there are nearly unlimited options when it comes to adding flavors and other textures to Mochi Foods treats. Mochi Foods premixes can be used to make a wide variety of products including: bread, donuts, waffles, pancakes, hamburger buns, churros, and so much more. They make great additions to bakeries, restaurants, and food trucks. They’re wonderful as desserts and snacks and make a fun addition to any brunch service. Mochi Foods has premixes available for donuts, waffles, bread, and pancakes. In addition, there is a gluten-free option that won the Monde Select Gold Award in 2019. Food industry professionals who would like to request a FREE 8 oz. sample should fill out this form. Media requiring high-res images, courtesy of MOCHI FOODS, will find them here About Mochi Foods Hawaii

Mochi Foods Hawaii offers a variety of products to make tasty treats that are delicious any time of the day. Mochi Foods’ award-winning premixes help both home chefs and professional chefs create their own unique takes on mochi donuts, waffles, breads, pancakes, and bubble waffles that all have a unique mochi taste and chewy texture. Mochi Foods Hawaii is a woman-owned business that reflects the owner’s passion for East meets West treats. Her experience owning bakeries and confectionaries helped her create these fun, flavorful products that uphold high standards of authenticity and quality. Online ordering is available at