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Hawai’i Volcanic Naturally Alkaline Water
Signs Strategic Distribution Partnership With PepsiCo Hawaii

PepsiCo and Hawaii Volcanic Teams (L to R): Ryan Sobota, Johnnie Blankenship, Paul Kyno, Jason Donovan, Greg Adams, Vaughn Dickinson.

PepsiCo and Hawaii Volcanic Teams (L to R):
Ryan Sobota, Johnnie Blankenship, Paul Kyno, Jason Donovan, Greg Adams, Vaughn Dickinson. 

(Honolulu, Hawai’i, Effective Immediately) – Hawai’i Volcanic Water is proud to announce a new strategic distribution partnership in Hawai’i with PepsiCo. The deal means that Hawai’i Volcanic Water products will now be available in many more retail locations Statewide.

Commenting on the announcement, Hawai’i Volcanic Water Founder and CEO Jason Donovan said, “This is a very exciting day for our company not simply because of the growth opportunities this partnership with PepsiCo offers but also because of the synergies and shared values of our two organizations.” Donovan added, “We call it Being Pono by Doing What’s Right, and PepsiCo calls it Performance With a Purpose; either way, both mean that our companies and our employees are proud to go above and beyond doing our part to help create a better and stronger community, a cleaner environment, and a healthier planet.”

The new distribution partnership covers all six Hawai’i Volcanic Alkaline Water offerings, including the companies’ signature 777ml (26.3 fluid ounce) premium re-usable glass bottles with both still and sparkling water, and the four different sizes of still-water product bottled in (rPET) recycled plastic.

Commenting on the distribution agreement, Ryan Sobota, PepsiCo General Manager, Market Director – Hawai’i, said, “This recent distribution agreement with Hawai’i Volcanic is huge to Pepsi Hawai’i. We are excited for the opportunity to distribute such an impactful brand, and the addition of a naturally alkaline water is a great complement to our water portfolio. Hawai’i Volcanic is really a perfect fit.” Sobota added, “We are confident we will be able to expand Hawai’i Volcanic’s footprint in the islands by getting them into additional outlets and grow their presence with existing customers. On behalf of the entire Pepsi Hawai’i ‘Ohana, we are ecstatic for the new partnership and look forward to our future together.”

About Hawai‘i Volcanic Water

Hawai‘i Volcanic Naturally Alkaline Water is Hawaii’s #1 premium drinking water brand from Hawaii, for Hawaii.  Founded by husband and wife Jason and Channon Donovan in 2014, the “Patagonia” inspired company is a purpose-driven, super-premium, naturally alkaline beverage and active lifestyle brand based in Hawai’i. The company promotes “Living Aloha” by sponsoring, actively putting together, and promoting hundreds of local Pono (“Doing what’s right”) programs throughout the State.  Some programs are the new Kauai eco-playground made from recycled plastic bottles, beach and reef cleanups, and bringing the first ocean debris collecting “Seabins” www.seabinsforhawaii.com to Hawai’i to name a few.

The source of this healthy and delicious water is located at the company’s bottling plant, deep within an abundant artesian aquifer on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano on Hawai’i Island. The water’s naturally alkaline pH level averages 8+. Rain and snowmelt are filtered over decades through nearly 15,000 feet of mineral-rich ancient lava rock into the aquifer, which has been sustainably recharged by more than one billion gallons of water each day, every day, for approximately one million years.

The company is proud to call itself “Solutionary”. This means it is heavily involved and long term invested in pro-actively helping to find solutions to the biggest problems we face together today on Earth such as Ocean pollution. The company also supports the perfection of new plant and algae-based earth friendly non harmful plastic packaging materials that are still in development. Once bottles can be successfully produced from these natural materials that are proven consumer-safe and shelf-stable, Hawai‘i Volcanic will be one of the first companies in the World to adopt this eco-packaging.

Globally, Hawai‘i Volcanic supports WavesForWater.org and OneDrop.org, both nonprofits that are working hard to provide safe access to clean drinking water to those who need it most.

Learn more: www.hawaiivolcanic.com

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